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Dilan Enterprises

570 Negombo-Colombo Main Rd, Wattala 11300, Sri Lanka, වත්තල, WP
Dilan Enterprises

Welcome to Dilan Enterprises automobile sale in Sri-Lanka. Whether you’re looking for a small car, large car or executive model, we offers unrivalled choices It has a wide range of vehicle stock to cater different customer needs i.e. Luxury Jeeps, Cars, Commercial van, Trucks, Double cabs, trucks, Lorries, etc.. Its customer base is segmented as individuals.You’ve come to the right place. Best choice for buying and selling vehicles. Just use the vehicle search to find the used or nearly new car make and model you’re looking for. We are open seven days a week for you to visit view the quality used cars at bargain prices we currently have in stock Sri Lanka and Japan.Also We Import on your name make the order as per your request We Import your dream car for your choice we imported with professional individualized transparent service. to get this vehicle directly from Honda or Toyota plant or auction in Japan for reasonable price. We can facilitate you to check the live Japanese auction and make your own selection We even could arrange Leasing facility based on your requirement. All are high auction grade and accident free vehiclesWe can handle everything for you, including arranging car finance deals We even could arrange Leasing facility based on your requirement. Also discuss part-exchange options with you.Dilan Enterprises believes in delivering true value customer service to all our customers. The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction through understanding customer needs in order to meet customer expectations


මෙම % සඳහා තවම ප්‍රකාශ ඉදිරිපත් වී නැත. පළමුවෙන්ම ඔබ ප්‍රකාශයක් සටහන් කරන්න!

> සමාලෝචනය ලියන්න

විවෘත වේලාවන්

  • සදුදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • අගහරුවදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • බදාදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • සිකුරාදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • සෙනසුරාදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ
  • ඉරිදා: ඇතුලත් නොවේ

සපයන සේවාවන්

  • වෙළදාම වලංගු වේ
  • රිය පදවා පරීක්ෂා කල හැක
  • නොමිලේ වාහන සේදීම
  • යන්ත්‍ර ශිල්පීන්
  • වේගවත් සහා පහසු සැකසුම
  • නොමිලේ කාර්පට් (නව වාහන සදහා පමණි)
  • ලියකියවිලි සැකසුම
  • වෙන්දේසි/සේවාවක් ලබාගැනීමට
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